3 Reasons Why You Need Customized Marketing Materials

When you produce sales or marketing materials for your organization, you likely consider some level of personalization in the final product in the hopes of impressing your prospect. However, given the amount of material that needs to be printed as well as the costs involved, the level of customization you end up choosing may not be significant enough for your client to notice.

Thankfully, your organization can take advantage of custom printed materials at a low cost. Let’s take a look at three reasons why you should integrate this trend into your marketing and sales strategy.

1. Personalization Sells

More than anything, personalization sells. If you take the time to craft customized marketing materials for your prospects, you’ll be providing them with a memorable takeaway. Not only that, but the effort you put into creating those materials also correlates with an increase in sales.

Consider this case study: one of our clients was a legal publisher that was having a hard time getting certain law publications into the hands of college professors. To help them earn the sale, the publisher printed the professor’s name and their university onto the front cover of the legal coursebooks. Of the 55 publications that were sent out, 42% ended up being closed by the publisher. This marketing effort directly led to the publisher having one of their best quarters in the last five years.

2. Customizable Options

Printed materials don’t have to look like they came straight from the printer. Beautiful design is an engaging element for sure, but adding custom features—such as paper type, book sizes, and binding options—can step up your marketing and sales game. Furthermore, the ability to customize how the finished product looks down to its cover gives you complete control over the design process without breaking bank.

If you’re not sure what options to take advantage of, many printing companies have design-focused staff on site who can help you realize the vision in your head.

3. Print on Demand Gives You Control

Most printers require that you order a minimum number of pieces. And if you don’t distribute all of those materials, they’ll likely end up taking space on a shelf (or sitting at the bottom of a waste basket)—either way, you’ll end up wasting money that could be better spent on other marketing activities.

Print on demand is a unique printing method that allows you to print only the materials you need immediately, then print more as you need them, effectively eliminating the wasteful spending that comes with bulk ordering and printing marketing and sales materials.

In this regard, you could personalize a marketing piece for a specific client, then only print as many as you need for the meeting (instead of a set number). Not only will the cost savings be enormous, but the benefit of custom materials will help you stand out at any client or prospect meeting.

At Yurchak Printing, we believe that all publishers and businesses should be able to offer print as a valuable and affordable mode of communication. By utilizing our print on demand and digital technology capabilities, you can satisfy the demand of the marketplace while also reducing inventory obsolescence and increasing revenue.

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